Recorded in September 2021 in Neumarkt, Germany, this new album of Beethoven’s Complete Works for Cello and Piano transports the listener straight into the heart of the composer’s artistic world. This journey will unveil uncharted territories of the great master.
­Sung-Won Yang presents here his second recording of complete Beethoven works, following his 2007 recording. Joined by pianist Enrico Pace, the wild, yet blissful soul of the immortal genius is brought to life by this exquisitely recorded album, very close to a live recital, with 3D sound.


“One could wonder the reasons which inspired us to record this complete album again; We grew up with Beethoven’s music and continue to grow with it.
Interpreting his music is a reflective process, an inner research that we carry out throughout our performing career and beyond.” 
Sung-Won Yang